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Apr 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
their hair on fire, talking about how the end is near, this is the end of america as we know it, etc. we are going to be fine. i really think the greatest challenge to this country right now is what is happening to the media, that you get news rooms being slashed day in and day out. you get multinational corporations consolidating and looking at the bottom line every quarter instead of figuring out what the mission of the media is, and there is no doubt in my mind that the vibrancy of this democracy depends on a strong press corps keeping everybody, including members of the media, honest, so we salute members of the media as well, and let me turn it over to me di-- micah. >> i will leave the jokes to you. we want to thank you for having us here tonight, and as far as the media is concerned, the medium is changing quickly, and there are so many new voices and doubtless out there, and so many of them very shrill and irresponsible -- many new voices and outlets out there, and so many of them are very shrill and irresponsible, so we salute those who do their jobs responsibly, so we are going
Apr 11, 2010 6:30pm EDT
common -- the american century, commwhat couny do you think is going to become the america of the 21st century? >> i think america again, at least the first half of it. i do not pretend to be a seizureer, but we have to put aw things right. we have a drain so people want to come here. whee of a higher reproduction rate than other countries. we have a lot of things going in the long term commonly -- in the long term, and it is almost in our dna to be entrepreneurial, and creative. and to attract creative people we have got no monopoly on that, but i think we are going to be very strong in the long term. we will have some bumps on the way. we are just coming out of a serious bomump. i am a little bearish we will have another one soon, but if you go beyond that. >> what country today is the most progressive in terms of economic and technological advances gunman -- technological advances? >> this country. in high-tech, not on the same scale, but it has been challenged by israel, which has got an explosion of high-tech industries and growth in gdp. again, very clever immigrants from all ove
Apr 26, 2010 12:30am EDT
remember seeing gordon brown on the sidelines while america cut everybody else out. you have to create strength in numbers in europe so that we can lead in the world. this is a global problem that requires a global response. >> you're right. there is no british specialists solution. you have to face up to the fact that 100 countries have signed carbon reduction plans. we're trying to persuade china and america to do so. we need america to be on our side. your anti-americanism is not helpful. >> the lisbon treaty has about seven words on climate change. you do not need another treaty for politicians to get together in different countries. you need political will. you need action. instead, what we keep getting is more institutions, more regulation, which is not required. it requires political will. >> you do not need a new treaty, but you need to work with people in europe and agree that climate change exists. i have a very simple attitude toward our relationship with america. it should not be a one-way street. we should not automatically do what our american friends tell us to do. we ha
Apr 12, 2010 12:30am EDT
to be put to a severe test. they knew america was going through a credit crunch. it could not come here, could it? suddenly, there was the site of its lines of people desperate to pull money from the bank. the new chancellor agreed to a loan for it northern ireland. >> to protect the taxpayer, substantial sums have been lent, and this money has to be repaid. >> the fallout from the first bank run in 40 years get worse each week. today it has been another week of confusion from the chancellor of the checker. >> the government eventually nationalized the bank. >> things were about to get a whole lot worse. millions of claims went missing in the post. when the chancellor made an announcement to comment -- to the commons, there was disbelief. >> it now appears that contrary to all procedures, at two password protected disks containing a full copy of sensitive data was sent to a national audit office by the internal post system. the package was not recorded or registered. mr. speaker, it appears that the data has failed to reach the addressee. >> then a group of former ministry chiefs piled
Apr 18, 2010 9:30pm EDT
're in a new world where we are competing with asia and america and europe, and our young people have to have the qualifications to be able to meet the best of the world. that is what i want to achieve, and i hope we can do so. >> education is important. as well as getting good grades, we are opening young people's minds to the best things that have been written and said spher, and i think there's a dar our education system has become bureaucratic we spend 300 million pounds on education. we are not getting enough to the front line, actually following the child to the school. as someone with two children, one at the state school in london and another child to come, i am as passionate -- passionate about getting as much money into the school as possible rather than wasting it at whitehall. we have got to have good external marketing don properly at high standards. i think that is key. let's set the schools free so we trust in the vocation of the teachers to do what they want. they are there because they have a vocation they care about. >> i think everyone will recognize what you are talking ab
Apr 19, 2010 12:30am EDT
as america and europe and our young people have got to have the grades, the qualifications to be able to meet the best in the world. that's what i want to achieve and i hope i can work with you to do so. >> i have every sympathy with what you say because education is important, that, as well as getting good grades that actually we're opening young people's minds to all the best things that have been written and all the best things that have been said and to really excite people about education. i think there is a danger that our education system has become terribly bureaucratic. we send 4,000 pages of information to schools every year. we spend 300 million pounds on educational quangos. we're not getting enough to the frontline, following the child into the school. as someone who has got two children, one of whom started at a state school in london, and hopefully another child to come, i'm passionate about getting as much money into the school as possible, rather than wasting it in whitehall. in terms of exams, we've got to have good external marking, done properly, and high standards. i thin
Apr 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
and then briefly take your questions. >> first congressional district of virginia. >> america's first district. senator carper, you are with us. it was an honor. what a great group. senator ensign, senator brown. we had great folks and a great chemistry. it was a great compliment. i want to give accolades to the staff who did a wonderful job in putting this together and making sure that we were able to access those decision makers that are critical in what is going on in that region. in addition, i want to pull all out that -- i want to point out what i came away with from the trip. there was high morale on the civilian and military side. when we sat down to talk with them, whether at lunch or in formal settings, to a person, they were extraordinarily positive about what was going on over there and their mission, as well as what they have accomplished. i took away from that a positive feeling about our efforts over there. we asked some detailed questions about what they were doing and how they felt. as i said, on the civilian side, we talked to folks from up and down the variety of agencies. t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)